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Every day, something truly remarkable is happening. Personal Support Workers (PSWs) are being welcomed into people’s homes to provide the vital support people need to stay independent. This valuable role is perfect for someone who is compassionate, always willing to help someone in need and community-minded. If this sounds like you, being a PSW may be the right role for you.


As a PSW in home and community care, you get to be part of people’s lives in a close and personal way. You can see someone who thought they would never walk again, get up and take those important steps. You can provide support for a spouse or child as they navigate the care of a loved one. You can offer comfort to a patient during a difficult struggle. There are so many ways that PSWs make a difference in the lives of their patients and families.

This website provides everything you need on your journey to becoming a PSW – from paid training to paid tuition. Across southwestern Ontario and the North Simcoe Muskoka region, there is a growing demand for PSWs in home and community care and if being a PSW is your dream, we want to help you get there. So, take a look through the site and get ready to make
your dream a reality.  


What is a PSW?

A PSW in home and community care works with individuals and families in their home to provide help with daily tasks such as bathing, getting dressed, eating, doing exercises, preparing meals and helping patients get around.

As a PSW, your compassion, understanding and kindness is a strength that will have a lasting effect on the patients you meet. You will build strong relationships with patients, anticipate their needs, encourage them on bad days, and provide the support they need so they can keep their independence in their own home.  

There are so many different opportunities as a PSW in home and community care, from working with different people to taking additional training to specialize, that you can make this career your own. ​


Why become a PSW?

Make a difference in your community

Wherever you live in southwestern Ontario and the North Simcoe Muskoka region, there are people in your community who need your help. As people get older, navigate health challenges and as more families require assistance to take care of loved ones, the demand for PSWs will keep growing.

Work as a PSW can be this rewarding.

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