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“I get to make a difference

in someone’s life every day.”

Why care?


Every day, Personal Support Workers (PSWs) are providing the vital support people need to stay independent. However, the immense demand for home and community care support has increased to a critical level as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. PSWs are urgently needed across western Ontario so people can remain at home where they’re safest — and happiest.


This essential role is perfect for someone who is compassionate, always willing to help someone in need and community-minded. If this sounds like you, being a PSW may be the right role for you.


“I love helping people. And whether they realize it or not they also help me.”

- Kim, PSW

As a PSW in home and community care, you get to be part of people’s lives in a close and personal way. You can see someone who thought they would never walk again, get up and take those important steps. You can provide support for a spouse or child as they navigate the care of a loved one. You can bring comfort to a patient during a difficult struggle. There are so many ways that PSWs make a difference in the lives of their patients and families.

PSWs are needed now more than ever before.


This website provides you with information and resources to help you start your journey to becoming a PSW. Now is the time to take your first step and learn more about becoming a PSW and PSW programs near you.