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As the population in western Ontario continues to get older, the need for home and community care services is growing. The number of PSWs entering the field is not keeping pace with this rapidly increasing demand, especially with the pressure that the Covid-19 pandemic puts on our healthcare system. With tens of thousands of PSW visits every week in western Ontario, it is essential that local communities have enough PSWs to meet these mounting demands.


“They’re like family, really. And we need them. There’s no question, we need them.”

- Jim, Family Member

Home and Community Care Support Services (formerly the Local Health Integration Network) play a key role in Ontario’s health care system. Working in partnership with patients, families, providers and community organizations, Home and Community Support Services ensure people have access to the health care they need – at home and in the community.


In support of this mandate and to address the persistent shortages of PSWs in western Ontario communities, Home and Community Care Support Services are continuing its efforts to encourage more people to work as a PSW. was created to provide the information and resources people need to consider a career as a PSW in home and community care.


Make a difference in your community – take that first step to becoming a PSW today.